Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get Local Channels?

Yes.  You can find a complete list of the local channels in your area by visiting our channels page or download our Channels List PDF.

What Is The Recommended Minimum Internet Speed?

We recommend a minimum internet speed of 10Mbps in order to run our service efficiently.  If you are unsure what your internet speed it, you can test yourself using Speed Test.

My Internet Is Fast But My Device Runs Slow:  What Do I Do?

It is possible to have a fast internet connection but a poor wifi connection.  Many customers have difficulties streaming when connected by wifi depending on their router and ISP.  If you have this problem we recommend you connect your device directly using an ethernet cable preferrably Cat5/6.

How Do I Start My Service?

Getting started is easy and quick.  First visit our shop, select the length of service that you want and type of device.  Add to cart and proceed to checkout.  Once confirmed you will be emailed your code.  If for any reason you do not receive your code in 30 minutes or less please email info@smartbox.tv and provide your transaction code.

coupon graphicHow Do I Renew My Service?

Renewing your service is easy.  Select the length of serice, device and add to cart.   Go to checkout.  Click the link to enter your coupon code and “Apply Coupon”.   Your discount will be automatically deducted from your total.   Fill in your personal info if not already saved.  Click acceptance of terms and pay.

Why Does My TV Device “Buffer”?

Regardless the Smartbox support device you have all boxes need to be cleaned periodically.   The more you stream, the more often you need to clean you cache.   You can find specific information on cleaning your device cache here.

Can I Use This Device Where I Live?

Yes!   All smartbox supported devices and service work anywhere in the world.   As long as you have an internet connection of the minimum speed you can receive our streaming service anywhere, even on the move.

Do You Have An App You Recommend?

Yes.   Our app changes periodically and is necessary for the best viewing experience.   If you encounter problems first check our https://smartbox.tv/app page.  If to make sure you have the latest.  you have already downloaded our latest app on your TV stick and cleaned cache but you are still experiencing problems;  email our technical support specialist:  support@smartbox.tv