Setup: Xiaomi MiBOX S

Go to Google Play Store

google play

Search for Downloader byAFTVnews.  Download & Install


downloader app by aftvnews

Open the downloader and type the URL to our App and click the


smartbox iptv smarters

Go to your apps and launch IPTV Smarters

  • Make sure you type in the full URL to the server including the HTTP://
  • Make sure to type in the username and password exactly as you see them, it is case sensitive

smarters login

If you did everything correctly you should see the IPTV Smarters dashboard.

smarters menu


If you would like to also enjoy live channels go to the

next step and install google live channels



TVirl intergrates your provided IPTV channels to Android TV (Shield TV or Mi Box ONLY) - YouTube

Set up the Live Channels app

  1. On your Android TV, go to the Home screen.

Android TV

2. Scroll down to the “Apps” row.

3. Select the Live Channels app, If you can’t find it, do a search for TVirl.

4.   Click and download

Android TV'de iptv m3u listesi izlemek için TVirl. ve Live Channels kullanma rehberi (resimli)

4. Click on Install



5. After you load all the channels you want, select Done. You’ll see them whenever you open the Live Channels app.

How to add live TV channels to NVIDIA Shield TV | Android Central

Update: Live Channels update is... well, live] HDHomeRun and Google team up to bring live channel DVR to Android TV [APK Download]

6. Find the TVirl and Select

Live Channels - Apps on Google Play

7. Enjoy